Finding a rug at Bakersfield Rugs is a fun and relaxing experience. We carry a variety of rugs in all types of traditional and modern designs, most of which are hanging on one of our several custom-made rug racks that allow for easy browsing. That said, we have some tips for making your rug-buying experience even easier:

1. Measure the Room.

Always measure the room where the rug will be located. We have thousands of rugs in dozens of different sizes, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the variety of options. A simple length by width measurement will help narrow your choices to a particular size category.

2. Bring a “Piece” of the Room.

The most important factor when selecting a rug is whether the color of the rug complements your furniture and the colors in your room. But unlike the size or shape of a room, it is very difficult to “remember” a room’s colors. Bringing a pillow from your couch or a cloth-swatch of the drapes will dramatically assist you in the rug selection process.

3. Bring a Photo of the Room.

Although a measurement of your room will help identify the rug size you need, a photo of the room will assist you even further. Taking a quick snapshot of your room with your cell phone will allow you to reference the placement of your furniture and allow for brainstorming when you are in our showroom.

4. Try the Rug in Your Home.

Usually you can determine whether you love a rug or not by looking at it in our showroom. But if you really want to be sure that it’s the perfect addition to your home, then you should bring the rug into your home and see it against your flooring, in your lighting, and alongside your furniture. Our 10-day return policy allows you to try rugs in your home to ensure you are happy with your selection. Please see our Return Policy at the bottom of this page for more information.