Bakersfield Rugs is proud to be the area’s largest rug retailer. Our newly remodeled 18,000 square foot showroom contains thousands of in-stock rugs in traditional, transitional, and contemporary designs. Most of our rugs are hanging on custom-made rug racks that allow for quick and easy browsing, and we carry nearly every rug size and shape. Our inventory of rugs consists of both popular rug designs from the world’s premier rug manufacturers, as well as rugs from boutique weavers which we import directly. And no matter what your budget, you can rest assured that Bakersfield Rugs has the lowest prices and will never be undersold—guaranteed.

Bakersfield Rugs has been selling rugs at its showroom in Falls Church, Virginia since 1989. In late 2010, we expanded our showroom to its current 18,000 square foot size, becoming the undisputed largest rug retailer in the area and one of the largest in the United States. Then, in 2011, we remodeled our showroom and added several more rug racks, including a mammoth custom-made rack that displays 10’x13’ rugs. We are constantly seeking to expand and improve our inventory by bringing in new rug collections with updated designs and color palates for today’s homes.

Since its inception, Bakersfield Rugs has focused on rugs. Many retailers advertise that they sell rugs, but actually specialize in other products such as furniture or wall-to-wall carpet. Their rugs are treated as an afterthought and are relegated to a small corner of the store. Other retailers often require you to special-order nearly every size rug because the store does not carry stock and only keeps floor samples for customers to order from. Not at Bakersfield Rugs. We keep stock in nearly every rug size imaginable and nearly all of our rugs are available in multiple sizes in case you ever want to match rugs in different rooms of your home.

Simply put, here at Bakersfield Rugs we have a passion for rugs.